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Stories Sorted By Level

The answers to stories are labeled by level, star, and story title.  To save space only the first few words of the questions and answers are shown (which is all you need to fill in the answers).  We use ellipses in the format Quesiton…Answer…. , please see these examples:

Modern Folklore

1) What is the main idea… Urban legends arise when…
2) Choose the sentence in this excerpt that… Sometimes, even if players…
3) Put these events related… Pop Rocks are marketed…
An urban legend… A company changes… Pop Rocks are back…
4) How did the food company… The company initiated…
5) If someone eating Pop Rocks… uneasiness
6) Based on this excerpt… The inventor thought…
7) Why do many people… to inform others about…
8) Why does the author relate… to illustrate how the media…
9) Which two factors… too cold, too toxic
10) You can tell that the author… skeptical.__,__

An Eyewitness To the Johnstown Floods

This selection primarily…? reports the immediate…
What dose this image…? its sound compared to the sound of Conemaugh…
In the beginning of this selection…? merciless monster.
In this excerpt, the word “uncanny”…? eerie.
Which two of the following statements about the boy…? he was sole… he survived by crawling
Although the dam had been deteriorating…? unprecedented…
Read these tow excerpts. The first…? looting… both…
The author of this selection…? Henry fisher
This selection…? narrative nonfiction
Place these events in order…? prominent… Thieves… police… pails

The Heritage of Capoeira

1) What is the main idea…
A formerly disguised martial…
2) According to the selection what…
They both focus on….., they both teach….
3) What was the primary reason for combining martial arts?
To disguise the martial nature
4) Which two of the following are defensive
The Negativa evasion, The Au aerial roll
5) Put the following actions into the order in which
6)Both capoeristas sway back, one capoeirista provides,
one capoeirista executes, both capoeiristas
7) In this excerpt, the word moreover
Makes an additional point
8) Trying to discover and interpret
Mining for gems
9) What evidence does the author give to show…
Escaped slaves
10) How do these two excerpts work together?
They both illustrate

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